What do Wikileaks, MPs’ Expenses Scandals and Drone Strikes in Afghanistan have in common?


Big data, small data, everyday data. New technologies have reshaped what we know and how we find out about world events, conflicts and scandals. The collection, the aggregation, and later the manipulation and visualisation of open and shared datasets are now essential across many fields of research and public communication.

Next week at Bournemouth University we are hosting the first of three Fusion funded co-creation Datalabs. Datalabs are participatory workshops designed to enhance and share skills around working with data for civic and humanitarian research and public engagement. Datalabs involve students and staff from across BU’s faculties, as well as participating NGOs, journalists and digital designers.

Our first Datalab on Scraping and Cleaning combines a Masterclass and workshop to introduce participants to tools and techniques for scraping data from the web. We will go over how you format and organise data in spreadsheets. Discussing basic methods for data storytelling, the workshop will provide training in how to find data stories within datasets. We will also introduce geo-coding, making data ready for mapping.

To register to attend March 16th and March 17th Datalabs, email afeigenbaum@bournemouth.ac.uk


For more information on the project and future sessions see: http://www.civicmedia.io/datalabs/

To get the most out of the day we ask that you arrive promptly for the slotted programme sessions.