Politics, Emotion and Protest Workshop

When: Thursday 9th July 2015     10am – 6pm  Friday 10th July 2015       9am – 4pm  Where: Executive Business Centre, Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth Register Here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/politics-emotion-and-protest-workshop-tickets-14749786007 Keynote Speakers: Professor Karin Wahl-Jorgensen, Cardiff University Professor Barry Richards, Bournemouth University From Hong Kong to Kiev, from Ferguson to Madrid, we are living in a time of global Read more about Politics, Emotion and Protest Workshop[…]

Climate Change and Security: Policing the Anthropocene Workshop

Join us for a discussion on climate change, capitalism and security: EB202 (Lansdowne Campus) Friday 3 July 12:30-16:30 Sea levels rise, droughts, floods and superstorms destroy livelihoods and force migration. Entrenched in militarised security cultures, nature is rendered unstable, a risk, a threat to be mitigated and controlled. And those people, displaced and disenfranchised, are Read more about Climate Change and Security: Policing the Anthropocene Workshop[…]

Joint GeoNet/Datalabs seminar on digital storytelling

On the 14th May we were joined by Malachy Browne from the social media news service Reported.ly. Their role is to encourage social media users to report on humanitarian crises and disasters to get a fuller picture of events and involve people on the ground in journalism. This means that stories from ordinary citizens are Read more about Joint GeoNet/Datalabs seminar on digital storytelling[…]

Cultural Heritage Landscapes and Deathscapes Seminars

21st May – Cultural heritage landscapes and deathscapes – 13.00-14.00, PG19 (Talbot Campus) Craig Young (Reader in Human Geography at Manchester Met University), Tim Darville (BU SciTech AAFS), Anne Luce (BU M & C) Craig is currently organising a seminar series which will include the politics of (re-)burial, trade in body parts, dark tourism, body Read more about Cultural Heritage Landscapes and Deathscapes Seminars[…]

Datalabs 3: Digital Storytelling with Data

Digital transformations in communications have led to the increasing popularity of data visualisations and the use of maps and other multimedia interactives for representing complex data. Often, these visual data stories can better communicate the significance of research findings to policy-makers and the public. Beyond engendering greater comprehension, this turn to the visual can also Read more about Datalabs 3: Digital Storytelling with Data[…]

Datalabs 2: Maps and Mashups

Digital technologies like google maps have transformed the ways people relate to visual representations of geographic space. From zoom functionality on street view, to rainbow coloured social network graphs, people are engaging their geographical imaginations to produce visual representations that matter to them and their research. This second Datalabs event introduces participants to mapping tools and Read more about Datalabs 2: Maps and Mashups[…]

Human/wildlife conflict and nature tourism

20th April 14.00-15.00 PG16 (Talbot Campus) Human/wildlife conflict and nature tourism (Gaius Wilson, external, plus Susanna Curtin (BU Tourism) and Amanda Korstjens (BU SciTech) In this engaging Geonet event,  Gaius told us about his PhD research, where he investigated the impact of an invasive plant species on elephant foraging behaviour and habitat use in India. Read more about Human/wildlife conflict and nature tourism[…]