Tired of Writing? Make a Map!

This spring semester, thanks to a Fusion CCCP grant, we’ll be turning our BU research into interactive media, designed for making an impact. If you are like me, dishwashing, hanging laundry, answering emails and even updating your BRIAN profile are more fun than writing academic papers. Beyond the jargon, peer review terror and endless citations, Read more about Tired of Writing? Make a Map![…]

What costs £15 and smells of spent fireworks?

Tear gas is used around the world nearly everyday, yet major international organisations, including the World Medical Association  and NATO, state that not enough is understood about the real-life impact and health effects of these technologies. Responding to this lack of accessible information, in 2013 Dr. Anna Feigenbaum won a Fusion Fund grant to form Read more about What costs £15 and smells of spent fireworks?[…]

Wellcome Trust Grant Success for Dr. Anna Feigenbaum

CMC Media School Lecturer and CEMP Fellow, Dr. Anna               Feigenbaum, was awarded a Wellcome Trust Small Grant in Medical Humanities for her project ‘Communicating Medical Knowledge in the History of Tear Gas’. Aiming to inform new medical knowledge about tear gas, as well as provide resources for policy-makers Read more about Wellcome Trust Grant Success for Dr. Anna Feigenbaum[…]